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    ①Q: Why you need a wireless earphones ?

        A: It's only a matter of time before you'll look at movies that have people using wired headphones the same way you look at 80s movies when people are talking on a house phone attached by a cord to a wall. The freedom to listen to music and video, and make phone calls wirelessly will change the way you think about working out, getting things done around your house, and catching up with an old friend on a call.

    ②Q: The storage method of earphones :

        A: 1. not be a humid environment.

            2. shall not be placed on the headset for a long time at high temperature (above 45 degrees), to avoid distortion sound film. 

            3. shall not be placed on the headset for a long time at low temperature (0 degrees), avoid sound film wire brittle.

    Q: What should we do if earphones can not be started ?

        A: 1. the earphones may be no power, you need to charge it.

            2. chip data problems, you can try to restore the earphones factory settings.

    ④Q: Why would I find a lot of other bluetooth devices when I search for bluetooth devices?

        A: most of the bluetooth mobile phone allows one or more Bluetooth devices at the same time found in the communication range, when the search is completed, will display your mobile phone the product or unknown devices and other words in your mobile phone screen.

    ⑤Q:Why can't I find headphones on my phone?

        A:You have to set the headset in pairing mode according manual, the phone can find the headset. 

    ⑥Q:How should I do if bluetooth earphone can’t be connected to my mobile phone ?

        A:First of all, please confirm whether you follow the instructions in the manual. Our bluetooth earphones are universal bluetooth products, which is able to be compatible with 99% of mobile phones in the present market, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of compatibility.